Art Therapy

Art therapy is an approach that can accommodate adults of any artistic ability. It is not about creating beautiful pieces of art, although it is always nice when we do, but instead is about creating understanding through representations of our problems.


It can be difficult to process topics that are too overwhelming to talk about. Sometimes we can’t access the words to describe what we are feeling. Other times the feelings are so deeply embedded that we are not sure where to start looking. With the use of art therapy, you can learn to tap into the areas of yourself that perhaps are hidden or are too hard to reach.

During sessions, you will be given art directives that are specific to your goals and that relate back to your experience. You will learn to process the images, themes, and evoked emotions in your artwork and with prompting, you will make your own interpretation of what it means. If talking it out is not furthering your understanding, or you are looking for a more creative approach to self-awareness, art therapy can help.

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