Heartbreak Therapy

When your heart is breaking it can feel like no one but you understands the pain that you are experiencing. No matter how many encouraging words you receive from your friends and family, you still cannot get over the hurt. It isn’t just the thoughts that haunt you throughout the day but also the physical pain your body starts to feel from being tense,  crying constantly, not eating well, and changes in your sleep patterns.   

Sometimes it takes a period of honest self-reflection coupled with the willingness to look at a relationship from a different viewpoint in order to gain a better understanding of why it might not have turned out to be successful.

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Psychology Session

Everyone deserves to be in a loving relationship and we all have the capability to do so successfully. Yet sometimes we find ourselves caught in the turmoil of a heart-rendering upheaval, an untimely split-up, or an unexpected divorce and we're left alone and broken, our hearts shattered.

We can teach you:

- How to identify flaws in a past relationship and avoid them in the future

- How to develop the skills you need to adopt in order to become your own best matchmaker.

- How to quickly identify potential red flags emerging in a new situation.

- How to understand your past errors of judgment and stop blaming yourself.

- How to trust your inner voice.

- How to feel confident being alone

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