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About HERO

Suit up, Hero! We’re so glad that you’re here!


HERO is founded on the belief that Hope and Empathy make it possible to Recover and Overcome. By remaining hopeful for the future and by being kind to ourselves during the process of change, we learn to rely on ourselves and be our own heroes. Life will always have challenges and there will be times when we wonder where we stand in the world. Sometimes it takes an outsider to put things into perspective for us.

At HERO we will help start you on your own path to self-discovery. By providing you with a judgment free space that fosters empathy and honesty, you will be able to address the areas in your life that cause distress. 

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You will learn to expand your perspective on your issues and understand the emotional impact your issues have had on your mental health. We can help you to identify the changes that you want to make and will guide you through the process. 


If you are ready to put yourself first and be your own HERO, we can help.

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