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Give an Emotional Health Gift

COVID has not only impacted or threatened physical health but it has affected our mental health with an increase in depression and anxiety disorders.  At the same time, therapy has become easier to access due to the shift from in person therapy to teletherapy (via phone, video).  With this new accessibility, it has made it easier for people to feel supported. 


Why not give an emotional health gift? Gift a loved one or yourself one of our counseling packages. We often bring soup to our loved ones when they are sick, or we send chocolates and a feel better card, or you take your friend out who is heart broken. Let’s envision a different way to give, a giving that can create relief. 


Suggested packages below. Input the corresponding dollar amount in the "Gift Amount" field. All packages include a free consultation!


A Space for ME Package, $300

This includes 1 Coping Skill Building session + two 45 minute counseling sessions

A coping skill building session is a 60-75 minute counseling session designed for those who are juggling many roles in their lives and overwhelming responsibilities that have caused unmanageable anxiety and stress. They can expect to leave the session with tools to self-regulate, awareness of their strengths, and knowledge about the cycle of our emotional experiences. The two 45 minute counseling sessions will provide an opportunity to choose a stressor that needs to be unpacked further and a space to process the feelings associated with it in a nonjudgmental, warm, and empathetic environment. 

The Heartbreak Package, $255

Gift yourself or a loved one the gift of a mended heart- includes 3 counseling sessions

During your initial session you will have a safe space to process your recent or current relationship. From there, you and your therapist will collaborate in choosing the areas that will best benefit you. Depending on your personal needs, some areas of focus will be more valuable to you than others. 

Below are some examples of areas that can be covered during your packaged sessions.

  • Focusing on self-love; reminding yourself of your inner strengths and who you are outside of romantic relationships

  • Working through the negative thoughts that you may have of yourself such as the belief that you are not lovable or will never find the right match.

  • How to avoid falling into relationships that are similar to previously failed ones by identifying “red flags”

  • Finding healthy ways to manage the high emotions you are experiencing

  • Exploring the ways in which you noticed the relationship changed you and how you can rediscover the person you used to be.

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