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Adolescent and
Teen Therapy

Adolescence is a time of constant transition and it’s also a critical time in emotional development. Sometimes challenges arise that disrupt that developmental path. These challenges may stem from stressors such as bullying, school, divorce, illness, learning difficulties, peer pressure, changing homes, and other transitions. 


Some treatment goals will include: 

- Identifying the cause of distress 

- Communicating emotions and thoughts

- Asking for help when needed 

- Improving problem solving abilities.

The therapeutic approaches used in therapy with adolescents and teens are individualized to the presenting struggle and developmental stage. These methods may include play, CBT, DBT, and family or parent work.

Girl in Therapy
High School Student

Our treatment options help adolescents and teens with: 

- Depression

- Anxiety Disorders

- Bipolar Disorder


- Suicidal ideation

- Self-Harm

Parents/guardians/immediate family members are an important part of the therapy process when we work with adolescents of all developmental stages. The format of inclusion in the therapy process will vary according to the individual needs. The goal is to help you better understand your child’s inner world and how you can support them.

Our Other Services (Click for More):

- Individual Therapy

- Trauma Therapy

- Children & Family Therapy

If you are interested in any of these services please click below:

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