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Trauma Therapy

When you experience trauma, it can feel like you will never heal from it or that you can never trust someone again. Trauma can stay with you for many years after the event that initially caused it. Trauma can cause flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks, and physical symptoms. No matter how you feel, your reaction is not wrong. You didn’t bring the trauma upon yourself however you can take steps to heal from it with support. Your therapist can provide you with the safe and non-judgmental space needed to normalize the feelings associated with the trauma.

With psychoeducation, identifying triggers, and learning coping skills such as grounding techniques you can learn to integrate the emotions with the event and free yourself from the hold that trauma may have on you. 


There are several different types of effective trauma therapies: 

- Trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy

- Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

- Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing

- Critical incident stress debriefing

A loved one of someone who has been through a traumatic experience may also need support. Helping a loved one deal with trauma can be overwhelming and you can sometimes feel helpless. A trauma therapist can also support those who want to best support their loved ones.

There are stages to healing and a therapist can help you move from victim, to survivor, to thriver. Healing takes time and processing trauma is a journey. Our trauma therapist will walk alongside you in this journey.


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