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Child & Family Therapy

Families seek out guidance and support when there is distress to one or more members of the family. It is often the child(ren) within a family who show us that there is something we need to focus on. Kids show us through their behavior that they are having big feelings or going through changes that impact them in significant ways. Families respond to this need in different types of ways, counseling being one of them. 

Changes are sometimes predictable and easier to navigate, but there are those, which are less foreseeable and rock us to our cores. The impact of these unforeseeable changes can at times stem from traumatic experiences:

-Loss of a loved one

-Violence within the home/community/nation



There are other times when children/youth are genetically predisposed and the changes that occur, are taking place internally, challenging the child’s mental health and causing disruption in their daily lives. These can look like:




Our Child and Family therapist will be able to guide the process and determine the next best step in the healing process being considerate of your child’s and family’s needs and strengths. Common modalities/practices used with children and youth are:


-Solution Focus CBT

-Play Therapy

-Expressive Arts

We look forward to joining forces for healthier child(ren) and families.

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- Adolescent & Teen Therapy

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